Regardless of the market cycle, the energy sector remains a robust and integral part of the Alberta Economy.  At Boreal we have a wide variety of solutions for the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors as well as the multitude of service providers that allow the companies operating in each of these spaces to function.  

In addition to helping our energy clients with their insurance needs we also provide contract review services to ensure that our clients remain both compliant with customer and vendor contractual obligations, but also that they are aware of risks being transferred to them through the rapidly evolving contract and MSA environment and that they can be certain that their insurance solution will dove tail with their contracts to provide appropriate risk management solutions.

Contact us today for more information on our tailored solutions for:

 - Energy Transportation Risks

 - Exploration and Production Risks

 - Down Hole Equipment Exposure

 - Heavy Equipment and Service Contractor Packages

 - Pollution and Control of Well Products

 - Oilfield Consultants

 - Lease Site Preparation and Maintenance Contractors