Having spent most of his career managing and underwriting commercial risks, our President, Ty McDonald has worked with commercial risks ranging from Family Business to Multi-Billion Dollar Market Cap Organizations moving people and equipment around the globe.

In addition to being able to provide insurance placements for most types of commercial risk we also provide a variety of axillary services to help you manage your risk not limited to but including:

 - On Site Risk Assessment and Consultation & Loss Prevention Services

 - Claims advocacy to ensure your claims are settled quickly and fairly

 - Contract and MSA Review to ensure your program will keep you compliant with requirements of your vendors and clients, also ensuring you can make informed decisions regarding risk that is transferred to you through your contracts and agreements.

 - Consultation on Insurance Placement in Jurisdictions outside of Alberta and Canada to ensure you are compliant with regulations in all areas you do business.

If you feeF that these are not services being offered by your current provider, please contact us today for a no-obligation consultation